20 March 2008

Learning to eat by myself!

Just a little bit messy!! Can you guess who had to take a shower afterwards?
Well it says in all the books that I´ve read that letting your kids "play" with the food is the best way to let them learn how to eat by themselves. Can I say that we only let him do this once a day though...

Easter trousers!

I finished Isaks new trousers last night. They are very 70´s inspired and since it´s easter I´ll probably let him wear them the whole weekend!
They´re made of orange corderoy and the fabric inside the pockets is from an old pillowcase that I found in a second hand place outside Kungshamn. My own pattern.

18 March 2008


I sold four little akrylic paintings tonight! Very unexpected but it made my day!
size 15x15cm

16 March 2008

Gubbkeps/ Flatcap

Så här blev första försöket att sy en gubbkeps. Har slaktat en keps som jag köpte på second hand och utgått från det mönstret. Lite omarbetningar får det allt bli till nästa försök. Isak ser sådär nöjd ut...

15 March 2008


13 March 2008


A few days ago I got a packet in my mail. Thank you Satoko for this lovely little pincushion. Just what I needed! I hope you are happy with your little treat!

11 March 2008


Finally! They arrived - my labels. I´m so happy. Now I can start marking some of the things that I make!
I´m also working on a website for my brand, nipper, but it will probably take a few weeks before it´s up and running.

08 March 2008

Cap with flowers

I need to find a little girl to pose for my girly stuff. Isak looks really cute in this one though. But I´m not sure that I would let him wear it around town( or that his father would more like it... ) I´m still waiting for my labels!!!!

07 March 2008


Made my first pair of jeans a couple of nights ago. The fabric is from an old jeans-skirt of mine that I weren´t going to ever put on again... So it´s a redo.

Really happy with this test run. They are a little baggy at the moment because the elastic band could have been made a little shorter. I´m also going to play around with the pockets at the front next time. I used two pair of Isak other jeans as pattern models for these ones.

06 March 2008

First steps with a little help!!

Isn´t he adorable!

04 March 2008


This one looks a little clownish I think!

02 March 2008

Min lilla ballerina!

Det är så kul att teckna på datorn. Min sambo har en ritbräda med penna en sk. Wacom-bräda. tyvärr så hinner jag inte teckna så ofta då det oftast är just min sambo som sitter vid datorn. För ett tag sen så gjorde jag denna lilla ballerinan och jag tycker hon är så söt!


Cotton fabric with dots. This is one of my favorites!
Another piece of fabric from Paris. I wish my economy allowed me to do another trip soon. There is a wonderful store called La Drougerie (think I spelled it right) with all sorts of lovely things for us crafters. My mouth waters by just thinking about it...