25 April 2006


Here comes little Rut - always sleepy and a little shy..

17 April 2006

Rolf and Rutger

This weekend I´ve been busy doing these two caracters that I named Rolf and Rutger. Don´t ask me why - the names just popped up, but I think it suits them. Maybe I stick to the R names. A new one is on the way and this time I think it´s going to be a girl.



Delsjön påskafton. Beautyful day, a little cold but warm in the sun. Took a 3 hour walk(fika included) with linda and Mikaela. Bertilssons fik was open!! Lucky us..

15 April 2006


Last night I made this little fellow. Thought I name him Rupert and he doesn´t seem to mind. The flowers in the background was expensive (60 kronor) but they turned out to be worth every penny I think. I just love these kind!!!

13 April 2006

Easter greetings!!

Here is a little figure that I made today.

Easter egg

My new curtains that I bought last weekend and an easter egg that I made at school. Inspired by Anneli.

12 April 2006

My crochet darlings!

I made this little bear a few months ago and I just finished the chicken tonight. They look kinda sweet don´t they. I´m not sure wether to put wings on the chicken or not though. What do you think?

Flowers makes a girl happy!

Last weekend Cissi and I bought flowers from a wonderful place where they cut the tulips straight off from where they were growing. I fell for these ones . I forgot the name but they have been the most amazing tulips that I have ever seen.. not bad.

April fool

We took a little road trip to my grandparents the west coast. The weather wasn´t that great but it was really nice and relaxing. I just love these part of sweden.
Even in the middle of winter.

March still

Typical march! Still snow in our little park.


Ok this is all very new for me - have patience...

This photo I took last weekend visiting my grandparents. Like a twin flower. Hopefully a good sign and that spring is finally on its way. I don´t think that I have waited for it as much as this year in a long long time.